Stock Screener Software & Historical Stock Prices (Quotes and Data, a.k.a. EOD Data)

Stock Screener Lite | Stock Screener Professional.

Welcome to Zeebob!. At Zeebob we have 3 products, namely Stock Screener Lite (it's FREE by the way), Stock Screener Professional and finally Historical Stock Data (Quotes and Prices), also known as End Of Day Data (EOD Data). Stock Screener Lite and Professional are Windows based software that can scan, filter and screen stocks that meet a specific rule(s). This rule(s) can either be of a Technical Analysis form, Candlestick pattern or both. Stock Screener Lite and Professional have pre-define rule(s) built-in, but we also can make custom filters for you starting from as low as $5 a filter. Historical Stock Prices (Quotes and Data, a.k.a. EOD DATA) is a subscription service that provides you with daily trading information on stocks traded on a particular Stock Exchange. At, we offer FREE data up to 3 months and covers over 30 Stock Exchange worldwide. The only catch here is that the data is one month old. To get the latest data, you may subscribe to the Premium service for only $10 per year per stock exchange. You will have to purchase Stock Screener Professional to subscribe to the Historical Stock Prices subscription.

Stock Screener Lite and Stock Screener Professional?

What is the difference?

Yes, we have 2 version of the stock screener software. The Stock Screener Lite is a FREE version which have 4 filters built-in. Stock Screener Professional on the other hand, have up to 61 build-in filters, it support Stock Splits/Dividend adjustment, fully customizable Technical Indicator and the ability to screen based on Daily, Weekly and/or Monthly data independently. For Stock Screener Professional, we can customize the filters and provide you with additional filters. We only charge a small fee starting from $5 a filter but in most cases we provide the custom filter for FREE. We recommend that you contact us ( and tell us what type of filter do you want and from there we can tell you if you can get it for free. Below are screenshots for Stock Screener Professional.

Stock Screener Professional Screenshot

Application Screenshot

Historical Stock Prices (Quotes and Data), also known as End Of Day Data, FREE?

End Of Day is also known as EOD Data.

Historical Stock Quotes (Prices and Data, or End of Day Data) is basically a formatted text file that contains information on a (specific stock exchange, eg. NASDAQ) stocks' trading activity. This information (varies according to format) includes the stock name, symbol, open price (quotes), close price (quotes) and etc. At, we offer FREE Historical Stock Data up to 3 months ago. The only catch is that the data is one month old. To get the latest data, you can subscribe to the Premium version for only $10/year per exchange. Subscribe today and get 3 months of Historical Stock Data for FREE. By the way, we cover over 30 exchange worldwide.