Stock Screener Lite, it is FREE!

Yes, its a freeware.

Stock Screener Lite is a freeware software that scan, filter, and screen stocks that meet a predefined set of rule(s). It also can plot, print graph, display Technical Indicators and also various chart format (Line, Candlestick and etc.). The rule(s) that is being used can either be of a Technical Analysis (TA) background, Candlestick Pattern or both. Stock Screener Lite is free. The limitations that exist are the number of filters built-in and Lite can't do stock splits/dividend adjustment. Stock Screener Lite only has 4 filters available. These filter include Moving Average cross over,MACD Buy Signal, RSI indicator and also Volume filter. The idea of making Stock Screener Lite free is that we would like users to try out the software with out any time limitation set on the software. This allows the user to completely try out the Stock Screener Lite for as long as the user wants.

Historical Stock Data (EOD Data) is provided FREE?

End Of Day data is free too.

Yes, that is right. At Zeebob, we provide free Historical Stock Data (also know as End of Day Data, EOD Data) up to 3 months and this covers over 30 exchange worldwide. With 3 months of free data available for download, the user can use the historical stock data to try out the Stock Screener Lite. The only catch here is that these eod data are one month old.To get the latest Historical Stock Quotes (a.k.a. Historical Stock Data), simply sign up for a Premium version of the Historical Stock Data for only $10 a year per Stock Exchange. Once you sign up for the service, we will email you on a daily basis the eod data for the exchange of your choice plus we will give you 3 months data for FREE. If you have an question or comments, please email us at Start now, it is FREE.

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