Support Stock Splits and Dividend Adjustment?

Lite and Pro does support stock splits and dividend adjustment

Yes, Stock Screener Professional does support Stock Splits and Dividend. As for Stock Screener Lite, it can only view previous Stock Splits/Dividend and can't do splits or dividend adjustment. There are 2 ways to perform splits/dividend in Stock Screener Professional, one is by manually entering the information using the Manage Stock Split/Dividend window and the other is by subscribing to our Historical Stock data service. By subscribing to our Historical Stock Data service, information is stored in the text file and is used by the software to perform the required operation. This option is automatically done is hasle free for the end user.

Manually perform Splits/Dividend Adjustment

It can also be done manually.

To perform manual splits/dividend, go to the Menu bar and click on Data. then select Manage Stock Splits/Dividend. A small window will appear that allows users to perform 2 types of operation. One is to do Stock Splits and the other is to perform Dividend Adjustment. The screenshot is shown below.

Perform Stock Splits and Dividend Adjustment

You also can do an Undo Operation for Stock Splits and Dividend Adjustment and this feature acts as a fail save solution. Undo Stock Splits/Dividend allows users to undo wrong splits/dividend due to input error or wrong information. Below is a screenshot of the tool available in Professional version.

Undo previous Stock Splits/Dividens Adjustment